About Quality Bookkeepers

Michael Murray and Paul Cloney set up an accounting practice Murray Cloney & Associates in 1992. They have built a successful practice with offices in Mallow and Charleville in Co. Cork and Kilmallock in Co. Limerick as well as a rapidly expanding business in Cork city and suburbs, Fermoy Co. Cork and Tralee Co. Kerry.

In the early years there was a need for a dedicated service to provide book-keeping support for people who wanted basic books looked after on a day to day basis. This gave rise to the formation of Quality Book-Keeping Limited.

With the arrival of cloud technology and the rapid expansion of what Xero can do, Quality Book-keeping is moving to a completely new level. We can offer a nationwide service. We are rapidly expanding and have recruited Jackie O’ Sullivan to our team. Jackie spent 23 years with Musgrave Group. Her function there included helping the setup of accounting systems for new Centra and Supervalu stores and training staff to operate the system. Jackie will help people who wish to convert to Xero through the entire process.

We are building a support unit under Jackie. Although the base will be in Mallow and Cork, with technology and the powers of technology, the days of invoices and bank statements being posted to your accountant / book-keeper are nearly gone.

We offer a wide range of packages from basic starter where the client takes the package and posts everything himself and either lets the year-end to his own accountant for processing – or indeed does it himself – through to the top package whereby we do everything for you right through to accounts and monthly performance analysis.

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We believe every business is important no matter how small. You should have the information at your fingertips to make key decisions. You should also have the time to focus on building your business and let the compliance work to others. An hour spent doing more on growing your business will always be an hour well spent. The compliance work still needs to be done but the wise man leaves it to the person who is trained to do it.

The benefit of having a firm of accountants associated with the book-keeping service is that we are professionally trained and can be of help in resolving the unusual issues that invariably prop up from time to time. Additionally because the process is seamless and we have the confidence in our book-keeping team we can be very competitive on the accounts preparation of the job.

In conclusion Quality Book-keeping puts the choice back in your hands to do as much or as little of your books yourself and indeed to re-examine the need or role for external or internal book-keepers or accountants.

You owe it to yourself to explore.