Xero Accounting

Xero-logo-hires-RGBXero is accounting software which stores information into the cloud so you can be certain that you will never lose it. It also gives multiple access points which you can share with those who need to be able to access the information.

Xero Accounting Benefits

  1. You have a great way to perform your accounting online with an easy method. Xero Accounting lets you log in any time you need so you always have your finances available whenever you need them.
  2. You can enjoy the benefits of automatic bank reconciliation. From one click of a button Xero will automatically reconcile all your transactions so you can view them in a simple and organised way.
  3. Online invoicing allows you to receive payments in a timely manner.
  4. You will be able to make purchase orders and then send them to your clients. You will also be able to attach them to bills for proof of payment.
  5. You will never misplace your bills again once you can enter them online. You can also organise your costs and schedule payment dates as needed.
  6. Financial reporting will be available to you when you use Xero Accounting.
  7. You will be able to handle, claim, and review expenses as well as being able to approve receipts before they are sent out.

There is also a mobile app you can download so you can check your finances anywhere you go. Convenience has never been better in the accounting world!

Xero Accounting Software

xero accounting servicesIf you need help with accounting for your business or yourself you need to check out the Xero  accounting Software. What is Xero? Xero is fantastic accounting software package which runs into the cloud, allowing you a safe way to keep up with anything you need. This means you, your business owners and your accountant will constantly have access to your finances at anytime, anywhere and on any device, all in real-time – so everyone gets the most accurate data.

Xero Features

  • Provides you and your accountant with easy online accounting. You can log in at any time to view your finances in up-to-date time.
  • You’ll have access to automatic bank reconciliation. All you have to do is click OK to reconcile your latest imported and easily organised bank transactions.
  • You will have access to online invoicing. With Xero features you can be paid more quickly online by sending invoices to your customers, which will improve your cash flow.
  • You’ll have access to invoice reminders. You can easily schedule and automatically send your customers reminders which are customised to them about their invoice payments.
  • You’ll have an easier time receiving quotes since everything is conveniently online for you to reach. You can create, manage and turn quotes into invoices after your work has been completed.
  • You can create purchase orders. Create the purchase orders and then email them as well as copy to different bills for payments.
  • You will be able to enter bills online. You will be able to manage the different spending’s you make as well as make different bill payments in bulk to your creditors.
  • You have access to financial reporting.
  • You can claim expenses and even review and approve receipts.

When you have a Xero online accounting software you will have the best real-time access you could ask for. You, your accountant and any business owners involved will always be able to connect to the bank and be able to see anything in the cloud with extreme ease. Being connected through Xero features makes everything so much easier for everyone involved. You’ll love the simplicity you can relax with knowing your accounting needs are being met.

Xero Accounting Service

xero accounting servicesQuality Bookkeeping is proud to offer Xero accounting service, an online accounting software for your small business.  Xero makes it easy to manage all aspects of accounting for your business whether you are doing your own bookkeeping or whether your small business has one or more Accountants.  All of the information is stored in the cloud so that you and your Accountants can access it whenever you need to.  You no longer need to go through the hassle of making multiple copies of invoices and bank statements and sending them through the mail and since your information is stored online it is no longer a costly disaster if you misplace an important document.

Xero software packages include a variety of templates that make it easy for you to customise your purchase orders, invoices, and other documents to suit the needs of your business.  Xero makes it easy to categorise your transactions, keep track of income and expenditure, claim personal expenses, manage auto payments of bills and run payroll.  It even lets you create completely paperless quotes, invoices and purchase orders.  Even our most basic Xero package could be just the right online Accounting software for your business as it includes not only the Xero software but also free technical support and secure backups.It also allows you to grant access to an unlimited number of users so that if necessary every employee in your company could have access to the aspects of your books that you want them to be able to access.  With the other Xero packages offered by Quality Bookkeeping namely the Standard, Premium and Gold packages, you can customise your bookkeeping experience even more.  You can add features such as budgeting and quarterly reviews.

Trying to do your own bookkeeping can be one of the most stressful and challenging parts of running a business.  At Quality Bookkeeping our aim is to provide convenient and affordable Accounting services to small business owners so that you can put your efforts into attending to the other aspects of your business.  We understand that every business is unique and has its own needs as far as Accounting which is why we are so flexible in helping you customise your purchase orders and other financial documents.  Xero Accounting Service is just our latest addition in our long years of providing quality bookkeeping services to Ireland’s small businesses.

About Xero Accounting


Features of Xero

Xero Accounting has some unique functions that make it different from other accounting software.
a) Dashboard – You will have instant access to your sales and purchase figures, your bank balance and the bills in the pipeline.

b) Mobile – It allows you to do all the accounting operations while you are on the move.

c) Inventory – It helps you toto keep a record of your stock. You can maintain a detailed report of both your incoming and outgoing stocks.

d) Purchase orders – You can create customised purchase orders and mail them to your vendors.

e) Expense Claims – It allows you to handle personal expenses.

f) Smart List- You can use the accounting data to create a targeted list of customers.

g) Free technical support – It offers you free online support 24/7.

h) Multi Currency – It helps in reconciliation of foreign currency. It will automatically calculate losses and gains for you.

i) Payroll – It allows you to maintain a record of your payroll.

j) Financial Reporting- It generates instant financial reports.

k) Reliable –An Accounting system has never been so efficient.

Why Xero?

The features are good enough to convince you on the efficiency and reliability aspect of this particular application. The benefits of using the Xero package are:

a) It creates a perfect balance of simplicity, elegance, and power.

b) It is very fast and has an uptime of 99.98%.

c) It has more than 300 add-on application to ensure smooth functioning of your business.

Add on’s

With Xero add-ons all the aspects of your business can be managed smoothly. Here are some of them.

a) Receipt Bank – Converts papers into Xero data.

b) Fathom – It is a tool which is used for financial analysis and management reporting.

c) Trade – It is an online software that handles your inventory and point of sal.

d) Harvest – It helps in quick invoice generation.

e) Debtor Daddy – Helps you to keep a track of your debtors.

f) Float – Helps is budgeting and cash flow forecast.

The main reason for using this accounting system is that it is cost-effective. Yes, you have to pay monthly subscription fees but no good things come for free. With the basic subscription fees you can enjoy a better accounting platform with a seamless data backup facility.

Top 5 Benefits of Having a Bookkeeping Service


quality-bookkeeping As an entrepreneur you might be trying to save some money by doing everything yourself, including accounting. However, accounting and bookkeeping have proved to be difficult and extremely time-consuming especially if you lack the necessary experience and skills needed in the accounting arena. Therefore, an excellent option for many small-scale entrepreneurs is to hire a bookkeeping service to handle this service professionally. Hence, this write-up is intended to give you the top five benefits of having a bookkeeping service.

1. Time saving

As an owner of a business you need more time to focus on front-end activities. These front-end activities include generating sales, creating and maintaining a positive image of your business and strengthening relationships with all prospective clients and vendors. Therefore having a bookkeeping firm to handle your business accounting issues will allow you to put more focus on developing your business by leaving all back-end activities to the experts.

2. Access professional help

Hiring an accounting service will help you get the services of accountants who are entirely focused on their disciplines. You will get access to accountants who have the necessary skills and expertise in taxation, cost accounting, payroll, depreciation, and inventory. Therefore if you choose to hire a bookkeeping service, be sure to get support and expert advice and the support of a professional team of experts. Furthermore, unlike handling the bookkeeping services yourself, hiring a bookkeeping service will help you reimburse the expenses relating to conventions and seminars.

3. Saving money

It goes without saying that by hiring a bookkeeping service you save a significant amount of money. You save money that you would have otherwise spent on solving the costly mistakes that you are prone to make since you lack the necessary expertise and experience in accounting. Furthermore, you will save on the productivity cost that often comes with recruiting more staff in your business payroll.

4. Reduce tax liabilities

By hiring a bookkeeping service you will rely on knowledge, expertise and experience that an outside bookkeeper brings to business. When you choose to work with an expert, you are ensuring that you have an experienced and knowledgeable specialist that will utilise his/her expertise to your business advantage and help you reduce any form of tax liabilities to your firm. Furthermore, they will ensure that the bookkeeping is accurately done and will not incur any penalties due to inaccurate data or late lodgement.

5. Focus on important activities

Hiring a bookkeeping service will give you ample time to focus on what is vital to you, both outside and within your business. For example, it will help you focus on the growth and sales of your business while at the same time receiving financial reports to assist you in the analysis and decision making of same.

Benefits of Xero



Xero is a cloud-based accounting software that has been causing quite a buzz on the market for some time. The product is highly rated by hundreds of clients who uses the software. It is a New Zealand-based software company that develops cloud

based accounting software for small and medium size businesses. The company has overseas offices in the United Kingdom, Australia, and the United States. Xero comes with so many important benefits. This article provides a comprehensive overview of this highly efficient cloud-based accounting software.


There is no installation or maintenance required because the software is cloud-based. You will not have to install the software on the PC or worry about having enough licenses for every user in your office. They will become things of the past thanks to the latest cloud-based accounting software for small and medium size businesses. You only need the username and password, and you are ready to start using the software. The dashboard will help you have a clear view of how much money is coming in and going out of your business. These are some of the most important advantages of using this cloud-based accounting and bookkeeping software for small and medium scale businesses.



You can set up a bank feed so that the software will automatically import your bank statements into it. You will not have to import the statements manually due to this. The software lets you work from anywhere, anytime and include as many users as you want with no extra cost. This is the main advantage of using a cloud-based accounting software to handle your accounting functions. You can manage cash flow more effectively and set up payments to go out of your bank account on any given dates. You can set up your invoice, statements and remittances to include you company logo, banners etc.


Invoicing is fast and simple with this software. In fact, invoicing is customized to your business so that you can create an invoice and email it to your customer with just a few clicks of the mouse. Attachments can also be emailed with the invoice. You can even see when the client opened the invoice. In fact, there will be no more “I never received the invoice” excuses. Suppliers can also email you their invoices and you can import them into Xero eliminating the keying process. Reports can be generated and emailed straight from Xero.


Never again will you have to worry about Backing Up your accounts as everything is stored on the cloud. Updates are automatic so you won’t have to do anything.


No need for those yearend reports and files to be generated and sent to your accountant as he simply logs onto Xero and gets all the reports and information he needs and can also make adjustments without effecting your daily work load.


The software is also compatible with tablets, smartphones, and most of the other mobile technologies. This means you can access your accounting information even while you are traveling. The software provides a daily view of the total cash amount within the business. These are the major benefits of using this software in your business.


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