About Xero Accounting


Features of Xero

Xero Accounting has some unique functions that make it different from other accounting software.
a) Dashboard – You will have instant access to your sales and purchase figures, your bank balance and the bills in the pipeline.

b) Mobile – It allows you to do all the accounting operations while you are on the move.

c) Inventory – It helps you toto keep a record of your stock. You can maintain a detailed report of both your incoming and outgoing stocks.

d) Purchase orders – You can create customised purchase orders and mail them to your vendors.

e) Expense Claims – It allows you to handle personal expenses.

f) Smart List- You can use the accounting data to create a targeted list of customers.

g) Free technical support – It offers you free online support 24/7.

h) Multi Currency – It helps in reconciliation of foreign currency. It will automatically calculate losses and gains for you.

i) Payroll – It allows you to maintain a record of your payroll.

j) Financial Reporting- It generates instant financial reports.

k) Reliable –An Accounting system has never been so efficient.

Why Xero?

The features are good enough to convince you on the efficiency and reliability aspect of this particular application. The benefits of using the Xero package are:

a) It creates a perfect balance of simplicity, elegance, and power.

b) It is very fast and has an uptime of 99.98%.

c) It has more than 300 add-on application to ensure smooth functioning of your business.

Add on’s

With Xero add-ons all the aspects of your business can be managed smoothly. Here are some of them.

a) Receipt Bank – Converts papers into Xero data.

b) Fathom – It is a tool which is used for financial analysis and management reporting.

c) Trade – It is an online software that handles your inventory and point of sal.

d) Harvest – It helps in quick invoice generation.

e) Debtor Daddy – Helps you to keep a track of your debtors.

f) Float – Helps is budgeting and cash flow forecast.

The main reason for using this accounting system is that it is cost-effective. Yes, you have to pay monthly subscription fees but no good things come for free. With the basic subscription fees you can enjoy a better accounting platform with a seamless data backup facility.